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What is Boxxing?

UltraBoxx is a highly engaging high-intensity workout made for maximum burn in less than an hour. Done in the Battle Ground, it's 50 minutes of boxing drills, functional training, real hype, and all-out intensity.

What's in the Battle Ground?

The Battle Ground creates the full Boxxing experience. It's equipped with everything you need for an all-out Boxxing workout—proper water bags, weights, hype beats, and vibe lights included.

Should I UltraBoxx?

If you love intense cardio sessions, HIIT, boxing, or simply have so much aggression, this is the workout for you. We love letting the beat drop during class, too, so if you're in the mood for this kind of endorphin high, sign up!

But I know nothing about boxing. Can I still Boxx?

Worry not! We gotchu. We'll give you all the basics you need to enjoy Boxxing and maximize your gains.

I don't work out. Can I still Boxx?

Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right? UltraBoxx is the best place to jumpstart your fitness journey cause we make working out fun and effective. Skip the boring workouts and join us.

Is Boxxing a good workout to lose weight or build muscles?

It's good for both, and more! Boxxing is a full-body workout that will get you to lose weight, build muscle mass, enhance endurance, improve stability, and tone your body.

How long is the workout?

How long can you last? ✖️✖️

Each session is 50 minutes long from warm-up and getting the basics down to Boxxing proper, functional training, and cool down. Long enough to fire you up for an intense burn but short enough to leave you wanting for more.

How to join the Boxxing class?

First, you have to purchase sessions through our website and then book your class schedule and bag. Show up in the studio at least 15 minutes before your class schedule.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Yes, surely! You may show up in the studio unannounced, and our team will be glad to help you purchase sessions and book your class. No guarantee that there will be an available bag at your preferred time though thus we encourage pre-purchasing sessions and pre-booking your bag through our website.

What do I need to bring to class?

Hand wraps, towel, water bottle, and lots of energy! Gloves and highly-engaging beats are on us. Gel wraps are also available for sale in the studio in case you don't have one.

Boxxing fit! What should I wear?

Your comfiest athleisure is always the best but really, any outfit you'd be okay to sweat in is a good Boxxing outfit.

I booked a class! What time should I get to the studio?

For your first time, come see us at least 15 minutes before class so we can guide you through glove-fitting and you can get a feel of the Battle Ground before the session starts. Frequent Boxxers may come in no later than 5 minutes before class.

What bag should I use?

You may choose any of the available water bags. The water bags 1 to 6 are hung lower for anyone who need or prefer their water bag low.

How many classes can I book in a day?

It's good to push your limits with back-to-back Boxxing classes! You can book as many as you want, and as many as your body can safely handle.

Can I cancel my class schedule?

Cancellations are allowed. Your session will be credited to your account if you cancel at least 12 hours before the class schedule. Class session for cancellations done less than 12 hours before class will be considered booked and used.